Is anyone using Zune wireless sync on WP7?

And is it usably reliable? I find wireless sync to my WP7's about as reliable as wireless sync for iOS - i.e. not at all.

And again as with iOS, it's easily solved - relaunching Zune or re-connecting the WP7 to the power can re-establish the sync - but often I'll leave a phone charging overnight, have the Zune client on the PC sitting there for several hours - and find out the following day after I've left the house that nothing's been synced. I've also noticed some don't work at all - e.g. my Omnia 7 just will not wireless sync, and I think it has something to do with the lockscreen behaviour.

At least iOS is consistently unreliable for me - but what is really frustrating on the Zune side is that the Zune HD syncs flawlessly. Unless the HD itself crashes, which is pretty rare.The WP7's are for the above reasons pretty much unusable.

Anyone else having similar issues? Anyone not? Tips for successfull wireless sync?