Windows 8 Portrait Mode and Aspect Ratio

Hey guys,

While my HDD is out for repairs, I've been living a life without Windows 8. And much like Jordin Sparks's life, a life without Windows means a life without air.

GET IT? No? Sorry everyone.

Well, as with any normal person, I've been curious about Windows 8's aspect ratio and portrait mode, specifically on tablets. First of all, other than video watching, 16:9 is awful in portrait mode on large tablets. For things such as reading an Office doc on the Samsung Build tablet, what's it like? Since the Office apps aren't Metro apps, does reading documents in portrait mode show the taskbar? Here I'm specifically calling out Office's "Reading Mode." Also, what does the Windows desktop look like in portrait? I know landscape is preferred, but if I were to get a Windows 8 tablet, I'd preferably get a tablet with a 4:3 aspect ratio. I use my iPad in portrait far too much for it to be just a "phase." In general, 16:9 is better for standards and video, but in terms of usability, 16:9 is a nightmare. I wish there was a better alternative, but I,d rather take 4:3 with black bars and stellar feel in the hand than 16:9 and a tall, gangly device. Maybe I need to try out a real Android tablet, but 16:9 seems like a nightmare.

So, in summary:

1. Build tablet owners, what's portrait mode like in the Windows desktop and Office 15?

2. 16:9 tablets need to be killed with fire. Thanks and cheers!