do GALAXY NEXUS users think ATRIX HD bodes well for next NEXUS?

I commented on the new Atrix review. in the interest of getting feedback from Nexus folks, I'm making it its own post:

I’m hoping that this is a peek into an upcoming moto/nexus device: form-factor I like, software buttons, close to stock android, LCD screen, volume-button-as-shutter, micro HDMI.
A moto/nexus offering based on this handset is promising: camera is better than the Gnex’s, and a screen is smaller (my ideal is 4.25" WITH software buttons, ). Also, I hope the bigger speaker grill=louder max volume. Unlike many, a slim phone & bezel size is less important than having 32GB storage & 2000+ mAh battery. With those features, it’ll be hard for any form factor quibbles to dissuade me from choosing it as my next device. What do other GNex owners think?