e-mail service ... Which one is the best?!


there are soooo many e-mail services for free and for some money. Every service has advantages and disadvantages, but which service is the best one?!

The most popular services for free are: yahoo, gmail, iCloud, windows live

GMAIL / Windows live:

- Nice online interface

- A lot of storage space

- Google Drive / SkyDrive

- Google Docs / Microsoft Office WebApps

- Specially for Windows Live: Exchange


- A lot of storage space


- Nice online interface

- A lot of storage space

- Different sync options (notes etc.)

The biggest disadvantage for all is for me the scanning function. Every service scans all your e-mails to display better ads.

So I was thinking about a solution for this problem. I found two different solutions:

1) Own domain from a different provider

2) Office365

Nobody scans your e-mail, but you have to pay some money. Office365 is for students for free and offers a really good online interface with Web Apps such as for Windows Live.

Which offer do you use? At the moment I use gmail, but I consider a switch to Office365 because it's free for students, offers really good WebApps and don't scan your e-mails. Additional to that you can chose your own domain.

What do you think?