Twitter today updated its TweetDeck client for Chrome, Mac OS X, and Windows with changes that focus on navigation and browsing within the app. The company has tweaked columns slightly by arranging them into one continuous horizontal row, a design change which originally appeared in the browser-based version of TweetDeck. A new dropdown menu can quickly take you to any position in your columns, with arrow buttons to the left and right letting power users jump between several at once. Columns can also be rearranged from this menu with a simple drag-and-drop interface. There's a scroll bar located at the bottom of the app that allows for more precise movement, and TweetDeck also now supports horizontal scrolling through the use of a touchpad.

The latest TweetDeck also makes diving into Twitter's extended functions easier with a "Details" button that displays full conversations where applicable, and a new menu icon provides quick access to actions like blocking accounts, spam reporting, deleting your tweets, and more. Head on over to TweetDeck's website for the updated version of the app. A direct download is available for Windows users, though OS X users will need to wait for the update to hit the Mac App Store.