Switched from an iPhone to S3 two days back. Thinking of going back.

Hi folks,

After playing with the S3 for two days, I am considering returning it and going back to my iPhone 4. Here is why:

1) Shitty support for Macs. No wireless syncing, no backups. iSyncr and Double-twist don't work properly.

2) Wifi keeps dropping when the phone goes to sleep. This is apparently a bug according to xda.

3) Personally feel that the notification system in iOS is better. I could see the notifications on the homescreen on my iPhone. I have to unlock the screen to view the notification on my Galaxy.

4) Music player app is terrible. No/poor lock screen controls.

I even tried using widget locker but I couldn't get my head around it. I am sure there must be a way to counter all these, but I can't find them. Can someone help me, or am I made to be an iOS person (P.S: the iPhone 4 was my first iPhone. I used to use Symbian before)