Office Backgrounds, but no Color Schemes?

This is going to be a very "ugly" post, but it's raw and to the point.

I just installed Office 2013 Preview, and so far I am very impressed by how very clean everything looks and works. I like the new File menu animations, I like the new Start screen, and I especially like the cursor/selection animations.

One thing that I cannot wrap my head around though, is the new "Office Backgrounds" and the lack of the other color schemes.

Don't get me wrong, the Office backgrounds are "cool" -- but I don't want "cool". I want comfortable. And I loved the "Black" color scheme option available in Office 2010. It added a level of contrast that helped focus the tools and the editing area. It didn't wash out the panes, or the tabs for the ribbon from the document area.

I don't want high-contrast (white-on-black text), but a darker color scheme would be nice.