While we were reviewing Samsung’s sleek new Series 9 13-inch ultrabook, we were under the distinct impression that a 1.7GHz Core i5 and 128GB SSD would be the only setup available. Well, an upgraded configuration has been brought to our attention that swaps the Core i5 for a faster 1.9GHz Core i7 (it also turbos up to 3.0GHz instead of the usual 2.6GHz), and comes with a 256GB SSD for twice as much storage as the base version. Otherwise, it offers the same integrated Intel HD 4000 graphics, same 4GB of RAM, and same 1600 x 900 display as its base level cousin.

Since newer Core i5 chips support hyperthreading, the Core i7 doesn’t offer the overwhelming advantage over Intel’s other processors that it once did, but if you’re considering the 13-inch Series 9, the bigger SSD is definitely worth a look. The upgraded configuration, model NP900X3C-A04US, is available now for $1699.99.

Thanks, chicgeek!