The Verge Android App! leave feedback

Well, since the actual post on the site has about 800 comments on it, and I don't think that leaving reviews on the google play page would prove to be effective, I figured we could have a collective thread here in the Android forums

So I have a Galaxy Nexus, and so far, theVerge app is absolutely amazing. I am saying this because last time i used the Engadget mobile app, it was absolutely terrible, so coming from that, my expectations were blown away. The app looks really good, and is really smooth.

Although one thing i must point out is that, either it is the pentile display, or my eyes, but the Verge's official font looks kind of blurry on my galaxy nexus. However, it is much, much better than it is on Chrome Mobile.

I like that I can comment through the app, & the embedded video in the reviews is really slick!

great work guys :D

suggestions for future versions

-EDIT- i forgot to add one more thing. FORUM ACCESS please!!

-option for gif support :D

-swipe left/right to change tabs

-recommending comments

what do u guys think of the app? what features do u think theVerge should implement next?