Nexus 7 WTFs

Just got my N7, and I'm surprised on a couple things
-no 5GHz wifi n support. Come on, even the Galaxy Nexus supports 5GHz wifi n
-Doesn't seem to charge on non-official USB chargers. I tried a generic USB charger and the iPad USB charger (which gives more juice that a standard USB charger). None of them charged the battery. Only the included USB charger or plugging it into a PC.
-no camera app. (good thing there's a free one on the market already). You would think Google would include a camera app so people can at least look at themselves...
-screen seems to be too "bright." Colors seems washed out.

What are your first impression when you got your N7?

-The "screen shut-off" animation is not there. I thought that was a nice touch on my N1/GNexus.