Smartphone ownership and usage is on the rise, and UK consumers are gravitating toward texting over both phone calls and face-to-face communication. According to Ofcom's annual report, the volume of mobile calls has dropped for the first time ever — albeit slightly, just a little over one percent. Teens and young adults are leading this trend, with 90 percent of those aged 16 to 24 texting on a daily basis and 73 percent using social networking sites. In comparison, only 67 percent of those in this age group make daily phone calls. It's official: we're becoming a world who wants to talk to Siri and text Sarah.

Ofcom's report also notes that as of early 2012, about 39 percent of adults own a smartphone, a rise of 12 percent since 2010. Carriers are also gaining momentum in the UK, with 49 percent of all mobile subscribers on contract, the highest number yet. Another interesting tidbit shows a marked increase in tablet ownership, rising from two percent in 2011 to 11 percent in 2012. The trend will likely increase with 17 percent of households reporting the intention to purchase one in the next year. While these tablets are primarily used as entertainment devices, 63 percent of owners check email and 46 percent access social networks.