Google Now; For those that feel it's not working well

So, in the first few days of jelly bean, Google now seemed to be doing a decent, but not great job at predicting cards. Especially the sports card. Lots of people had this problem as well, specifically with the Sports cards in the beginning.

I came across a comment in a thread on xda, which explained that since Google Now essentially predicts behaviours based on web search patterns, it will work optimally with your google Web History enabled. I had turned it off last year, amidst what i thought at that time were "grave privacy concerns", a stance I have since realized was an inane and over-blown reaction (In my opinion, and relating to my use-case scenario ONLY, I'm not saying other's privacy concerns are invalid, i'm just saying that for the purposes that I use the web, those concerns were essentially meaningless to ME only).

So I turned it on on Friday, and by Monday, Google Now was much improved, especially the sports cards, and sports teams etc

So how it gets better over time is if it has enough data to predict a search, it wont be useless without it, it just wont be 'as good'. This data can't be used if your web history is not enabled, because using only the web history data on your mobile browser is unreliable, and would basically reset google now, everytime you cleared cookies, or history or cache.

This setting can be accessed in your desktop browser, through your Google Dashboard>Web History>Remove items or clear web history>Resume or Enable Web History

Of course, if you feel uncomfortable with this turned on, it is totally understandable. But in my case at least, my experience has improved considerably.