What's Happening with Vizio PCs?

Delays or vaporware?

I have an old HP from a few years ago that has aged much faster than I would have liked. I haven't been the kindest owner, but I respect that laptops are not indestructible. Most of my problems have been performance, battery and heat issues, so for my next computer I knew I wanted some solid hardware that would last a long time and perform years down the road (I've tried Apple, and I have to say PCs are definitely for me). After The Verge did this excellent story in June about Vizio moving to the PC market, I was intrigued. Stock Windows 7, clean, well-built and fairly cheap for the product. I decided I'd read some reviews when it launched, get as much use out of my current computer as I could, and then seriously consider buying from this company.

Fast forward to a few days ago-my laptop suddenly won't turn on. I'll see if I can get it up and running to copy some files, but this certainly puts me in the market for a new PC. I decided to check on Vizio, but after going to the product page on Vizio's website, I noticed that the list of sellers is gone, and where you used to be able to pre-order the page now only says "This product is coming soon."

What happened? Where'd it go? Does this smell of vaporware, or is it just the delays that come with launching a new product? I'd rather wait and have them get it right (you only have one shot at a launch like this), but without any ETA I'm not sure how long I should wait.

With The Verge claiming it's already out, Vizio giving no time frame for launch, and Walmart listing the product, but saying it's out of stock, what do you think? Anyone have any news or guesses?