Who loves virtualization?

Does anyone else love playing with a plethora of virtual machines? It's never been easier to try out that hot new OS without destroying your current one. Ubuntu 12.04? Windows 8 Release Preivew? Done. No messing with bootloaders or hard drive partitioning.

You're pretty much limited only by RAM and hard drive space and those are upgradable!

Personally, my weapons of choice are the VMware consumer products: Fusion (OS X) and Player/Workstation (Windows/Linux). VMware is in a prime spot for people like me who use both Windows and OS X. With my virtual machines on an external hard drive, I can easily carry them to any VMware product and use them.

I'm in IT, so I'm testing Windows Server 2012 in a VM with my own personal Active Directory environment. Then I have my Ubuntu, openSUSE and Linux Mint VMs to try out Linux. Finally, I have OSs in languages other than English just cause. All this without my computer being hosed for trying things out.

Oracle and VMware have free products for personal use:

And people with Macs can choose between VMware Fusion or Parallels for paid products, although VirtualBox is also free for Mac. Just note VirtualBox VMs are not as portable.

So who else is virtualize crazy?