No wonder why Windows Phone is having such a hard time gaining marketshare

Just doing some research for my new blog I decided to check out Amazon wireless to see the numbers what is Windows Phone up against in the market today?

Android = 23
Windows = 9
Ratio > 2:1

Android = 18
Windows = 3
Ratio: 6:1

Android = 20
Windows = 1 (1st gen phone)
Ratio: 20:1

Android = 16
Windows = 1 (1st gen phone)
Ratio: 16:1

I only have data for the Big 4 other smaller carriers like Metro PCs and US Cellular (which has 1 WP) are probably flooded with Android devices as well.

With Androids massive volumes, 3 generation of iPhones, minimal carrier support and thousands of new smartphone users everyday its tough for Windows Phones to compete in the market today.

What do you guys think is the answer what should Microsoft do to get their volumes higher? How should they attack the market?