As much as we've enjoyed Apple's latest updates and addition to its MacBook lineup, it wouldn't be a new product launch if there weren't a few issues to be worked out. To that end, Apple has just released a software update for the mid-2012 MacBook Air (both 11- and 13-inch models) and all new models of the MacBook Pro, including the Retina-equipped model. As usual, Apple didn't offer a ton of details as to what exactly this update does — the release notes say that the update "fixes an issue that can lead to increased CPU power consumption." It also apparently increases compatibility with certain USB devices. While it's not clear exactly how widespread these problems are, there are a number of posters in Apple's support forums expressing issues with the USB 3.0 connection on their new laptops. If you're one of those suffering (or even if your computer appears to be working just fine), the 79.7 MB download is available now through the Software Update tool.