How can I get Flash video players to stop requesting to store Data on my Computer?

The Local Storage notification(The Verge won't import the image).

(Chrome on a mac)

This is really annoying and happens basically everytime I play a non-youtube video, I realize that double digit kb's is not a lot of data, but I feel as if I should be able to choose the data I want stored on my computer.

The problem with a lot of these sites is that I cannot do that; with the video above(I wanted to watch this guy on reddit's AI video, hence being on the website..) no matter how many times I click, the notification will not go away, this happens on multiple sites though interesting enough, never happens in incognito mode.

This just seems wrong, what are my options?

(kudos to Hulu for being the only site I can recall making it easy to clear away this nuisance).