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Apple wins another major iPhone & iOS interface patent.

I can't wait to see what else Apple has done to protect their innovations in the form of patents. I haven't been keeping track of every iOS related patent, but I think there should be at least a hundred more left to go (a number I pulled out of you-know-where). Of course they may not receive everything either. But it's definitely inspiring and encouraging to see Apple not willing to let others steal the hard work they've put into the originality, design, and ease of use of their iOS user interface. Without patents that protect true innovators, we would be left in a tech world of generic copying until every variation of the same idea hits a brick wall made from the same plastic Samsung uses in their phones. Congrats Apple!

Of course the patent system isn't perfect. But I think it accomplished its job today.

How far do you think Apple can take this patent? Do you think it'll stand up in court? And do you think Apple will relent and allow OEMs to license their technology?