All-In with Windows 8

Alright... enough with Windows Phones right now time to shift focus to Windows 8 :)

So I been reading a lot of hate and dislike towards Windows 8 being used in a Desktop environment. I been using Windows 8 for a while and all I can say is

Windows 8 Desktop is like a painters Canvas

Metro UI is a painters Paint Tray

You desktop should be your Project and You that's everything else should be hidden in the backgrounds things like music, messages, e-mail should not distract You from the project your working on.

Desktop is Work. Metro is Play

You can do just about everything you need using the Metro interface.

  • Browse the web and pin your favorite sites using Internet Explorer
  • Easily find and download music using the Music app soon to be Xbox Music
  • Find the apps you need on the Marketplace without having to search the web and get viruses

All the fun things are easy on Windows 8 and I don't understand why there is so much dislike towards the platform on desktop environment.

And just being able to log into any Windows 8 computer in the world and access your files on Skydrive, have your favorite sites pinned is such a big plus.

That's my take I been using Windows 8 since CP and used it on several devices my work 13 inch Ulrabook, Slate Tablet and my Triple Monitor Eyefinity rig @ home.

If you can use Android you will have no problems using Windows 8.


Have a great day