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Welcome to Polynauts Central, here on Thursday July 19th, 2012.

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Yesterday was one of our conversation heavy days, which was fun. What will today bring in the way of conversation? Lets find out!


1: Kinect used by scientists to study cannibalistic locusts by Tracey Lien

"Using motion-capturing tools like the Kinect, Couzin and his team are able to collect a much more detailed set of data about the behavioral patterns of the locusts, which could potentially lead to a better preditive model that could help communities with their control measures if and when a locust swarm strikes."

2: 'Double Dragon Neon' hits XBLA and PSN this September by Dave Tach

"We played an early build of Double Dragon Neon at PAX East, and found a lot of nostalgia but frustratingly slow gameplay."

3: 'Injustice: Gods Among Us' and NetherRealm's fight for balance of accessibility and pro play by Mike McWhertor

"Our studio, we have big picture plans to expand into different genres," Boon told Polygon. "We wanted to make this outrageous fighting game where the events are much bigger than [Mortal Kombat] - you know, instead of swinging a sword, you swing a car."

4: 'Fez' developer reposts 'kinda broken' patch with no plans to fix by Mike McWhertor

"The developer of Xbox Live Arcade game Fez has put the original, "kinda broken," save file-corrupting patch back online, saying that it has not plans to fix the title update. Polytron blames the high cost of re-certifying the patch through Microsoft for the decision."

5: 'Dead Rising 2' developer Capcom Vancouver hit with layoffs (update) by Mike McWhertor

"Update: "Capcom Vancouver has laid off 20 staff as part of its regular periodic assessment of overall studio goals," reads a statement from Capcom. "The studio is actively hiring talented staff to support its goal of delivering high quality games."

6: Polygon Forums: Funniest In-Game Dialogue by Kovitlac

"In Thief: The Dark Project, I was hiding in the rafters toward the very end of the Bafford job (the very first mission in the game). I shot the guard below with an arrow. His screams alerted his buddy to run over from the next room. He knelt down by him, saying, "Are-are you okay??" followed by a, "No...OF COURSE YOU'RE NOT.""


Nilay Patel brings you yesterdays biggest tech news in 90 Seconds on The Verge which covers the following:

  • Apple ordered by UK judge to publicly state that Samsung didn't copy the iPad
  • AT&T gets into shared data: 'Mobile Share' plans coming late August
  • YouTube introduces face blurring technology for sensitive videos
  • AT&T CEO doesn't deny FaceTime 3G data packages, says 'it’s too early to talk about pricing'
  • Windows 8 will be available on October 26th

    "I think the whole term ‘indie' is silly. You would only shout how different you are from the rest if you crave an ego boost. So what that you are ‘independent', go make a damn game and stop acting like it's the next best thing to Jesus. (Which is how a lot of ‘indie' developers do act.)

    A good game is a good game and it shouldn't matter whether or not it was made by a independent developer. The whole we are ‘indie' or like to pretend we are ‘indie', just cheapens the deal for me.

    But, yeah... that's a face-palm moment to be sure."- Cornish Forrestfield (2 recommends)

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    1: Nelson Mandela celebrates 'quiet family' birthday [via BBC]

    2: "It's been a poor, poor five years for fiction in the video game industry" [via Eurogamer]

    Okay, there we have another days worth of catch-ups folks. Remember to sound off in the comments below and share any awesome news you find today. As always, feel free to hit me up on Twitter @shaunmcilroy if you want to chitchat throughout the day.


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