Questions about Surface before purchase...

There are only a few questions I would like answered before I make up my mind and get a Surface device. So far I have decided that I will get a SurfaceRT tablet, because with Office '13 and the metro apps swiftly coming in to alleviate in remaining application needs I have, the more I realize that RT meets my needs well for a tablet.

The only questions I have left are:

  1. How is the battery life of the Surface RT models? I want to get at least 6 hours use out of it, I would prefer 8-10.
  2. What is the cost? Anything in the $400-$600 range is ok with me, so long as battery life is reflected in this price, the more battery I get out of it, the more I am willing to pay.
  3. Will the Touch-Cover be included? I'm fairly certain it won't be, but this is a big selling point for the Surface's and I would love to get one, but not for more than $40-$60
  4. Will other browsers be able to run on Windows RT? It seems like a no at this point, but I would like that to come out. For a mobile device, IE Metro should work fine, but if I connect a mouse and keyboard to that thing I would like to run Chrome or Firefox for a better controlled browser, or at least the choice to run them (to be specific, I am only asking for these browsers in Metro, I don't really care if they work on the desktop).
  5. How large is the WinRT install, is that included on the drive, and if so how much space is left? If there is the WinRT install + 32gb of user space, i'm fine. But if the WinRT install takes up more than 6-8gb then I will need to upgrade to the 64gb model.
  6. Will the video out support Extended Screen? or only mirror or External only? What resolutions will be supported?
  7. What level of connectivity with Windows Phone 8 will be available? I would love for there to be a "Phone Hub" in Windows 8 that will allow you to take calls on the tablet, receive data, answer texts, etc. (think blackberry bridge, but better) I won't be doing a ton of connectivity with my phone on my tablet, but some connectivity would be nice.
I want to love this tablet, I want to rush out and buy it as soon as possible. But the practical side of me has to have these questions answered, I'm sure I'll find out more as we get closer to availability. I just wanted to voice my last remaining concerns about the tablet and see if anyone else has similar concerns.
Feel free to respond with similar concerns, or answers to any of the above questions.