If yesterday's news that the Nexus S would be updated to Android 4.1 in Australia today had sparked your hope for a timely global rollout, unfortunately we're here to extinguish that flame of desire. Vodafone has postponed the scheduled Jelly Bean update because it apparently doesn't "meet all the Australian regulatory requirements related to emergency calls."

While this doesn't sound like it should affect other countries, global versions of the GSM Nexus S were updated to Android 4.0 at roughly the same time, and in lieu of any other carrier announcements we have to imagine a worldwide update is at least some way away. It's unusual to see Google's theoretically border-agnostic Nexus programme get held up by local discrepancies, but one thing's for sure — you can't count on a Jelly Bean date for your device until there's an official announcement from either Google or your carrier.