Tasker: Best Android Automation App

Can we have a thread for the most powerful app in Android?

Just saw this video, by the same guy who created "The truth about Apple and Google's OS" series. This video gives some very basic steps on how to use the app.

The UI of the app is a little complicated for laymen user, and its pretty hard for new users to wrap their head on how to use this app, as the functions provided by this app is just too much, so imo this video is a good start if anyone wants to get started in using this app. However once you get the hang of it, Tasker's potential is huge. Basically its up to what you can imagine.

Some written guides here:

The Ultimate Noob/Beginners Guide to Tasker

How To Start Tweaking Your Android Phone With Tasker

Step-Throughs & How-Tos