Walking dead game has taught me something about myself - I am vengeful.

I just got through with a late night jaunt through the first episode and I saw something very clearly thanks to a grumpy old man (picked the season pass up for the steam sale - it's really good so far, just hope the rest of the episodes after the second come fast).


if you have not played the game, and intend to play it, read no further.

I don't even know the old mans name, but his attitude, flippant response to the lives of others, attempt to kill me and leave me for dead with a swarm of zombies in tow, and threats to my characters good graces by revealing a secret of my past make me HATE him.

Most of his acts could be explained away by some sort of outsized selfishness and desire for self preservation above the concerns for anyone else, but when he sucker punched me when trying to escape the zombies and tried to leave me behind, I saw the guy for something worse. He's not protective, he's vindictive and evil. And I wanted him DEAD. I wanted to take back my efforts to get his medicine, I wanted to leave him behind, I wanted to tell the world what a rotten human being he was. I did not want to turn the other cheek, I wanted revenge. What does that say about me?

He's the walking dead version of Joffrey and I want him to suffer. Must be a character flaw on my part.