The Verge App and the Fold

I'm a huge fan of the app, and the Verge-team in general. It's a huge improvement over the mobile site, that is for certain.

But anyone who has been around here long enough and seen my posts will have gathered that I can't leave UI alone, and I had one minor gripe with the new app:


As it is now there are three bars of static information; The title bar, the "stories, reviews, features" bar, and the bottom tab bar for navigation. On the main page that leaves just the changing headline images and 1 1/2 news story below it. To me, that's a lot of space taken up by UI elements that can be tucked away.

Eliminating even just one of these bars makes (in my opinion) the whole app flow better. Less chrome and more stories.


Removing the bottom tab bar allows two full news stories to be shown below the main highlights image.

In place of the bottom navigation I opted for a unified navigation and profile settings section accessible by tapping the logo at the top:


Keep in mind this is a quick mockup, but I think you can aesthetically see where I was going with it. Realistically it would be pulled out a bit further, etc. but you get the idea.

Also, on a side note, what's up with the App Store showing what I assume is the icon for the iPad app in the store on iOS 6? Total bait-and-switch. Not that I'm complaining as I think both look nice.

There are other little things I could see them tweaking and tightening in the future, but overall I'm very pleased with the app. Keep up the good work, team.