Android Noob Interested In Custom ROM

I recently bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0, just to play around with Android and ICS. So far I really like it, everything from the inexpensive apps (my WP7's marketplace operates at a premium), to the IR blaster and just all the generally cool stuff you can do with an Android device. I've been researching things like CM, but my problem is that there's just SO MUCH crap to sift through when you're looking to figure these things out for yourself.

I consider myself to be pretty tech savvy, and don't really need anybody to hold my hand and do it for me, but if any of you guys or gals could point me towards some decent material that's easy to navigate, I'm pretty sure I could sort it out from there. I'm really looking to play around with some stock ICS or even JB if it's available for my device: GT-P3113.

Thanks for stopping by!