Where are all the thunderbolt laptops?

We're now at more than 5 PC makers who have announced refreshed laptops and ultrabooks with Ivy Bridge chips.


We're still at zero non-Apple PC makers who have released or even announced laptops with thunderbolt ports.

Seriously check it out here, here, here and here. Some of these are shipping with displayports and still no thunderbolt. What's Intel doing? I thought they were going to push this! Its clearly not an apple exclusive, theres a few desktop motherboards that've shipped with thunderbolt ports, but desktops don't need external PCIe connections, they have internal ones. Obviously, the laptop boards are ready because Apple has them in every single SKU.

Thunderbolt means that even though ultrabooks are soldered and glued together, they're still upgradeable and keep some of the modularity that desktops enjoy. It means we aren't stuck with intel graphics. It means stupidly fast video and music studio equipment. It means a bunch of stuff that we can't even imagine, the potential for this interface is insane.

We're never going to have decent, inexpensive thunderbolt accesories if thunderbolt doesn't hit the mainstream, and it can't do that if OEMs don't build it into their wares.

Anyone have any insight into why OEMs are fighting the future so hard? (no, "STFU N00B! USB3!!!!" is not an insight.)