Nexus 2 getting a new chance at life?

Nothing confirmed yet, but this looks like a promising long shot

For those who have no idea what this is, Nexus the Jupiter incident was a one of a kind game, a space combat sim in the vein of a homeworld but with less focus on resource gathering and more on tactical space fleet combat.

It was phenomenal, and it looked amazing. So let's hope they actually do release a kickstarter project and it does get funded.

This entire genre has been dead for too long, the only space ship game out there now that is tangentially similar is eve (star trek online does not count - I tried it - must..not..remember..ground combat... too painful aahhhhhhhh).

We used to have many more of those sort of space epic games like homeworld, what the hell happened?

Did too many kids switch to consoles? They did for shooters even though they are a thousand times worse on gamepads vs keyboard/mice. I don't know the answer, but again, maybe it can come back.