Is Google Now the long-rumored Majel?

Last week at I/O, Google announced Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and its next iteration of Google Voice Search with the addition of Google Now. While this has been dubbed as Google's response to Siri on the inter-webs, this may not be the final product. From what I have seen, Google Voice Search/Now trumps Siri in head-to-head competitions for searching fact-based information, in response time, and human-ness of the voice. Despite all of this, I never saw anyone from Google refer to this as the long-rumored "Project Majel" or their "Star Trek computer". After months and months of different statements from Google (notably from Matias Duarte and Larry Page) referring to a Star Trek Computer there was not one mention of this at I/O. You think they would have said, "This is it! Our Star Trek Computer" if, in fact, this was it. So it leads me to believe that the real Start Trek Computer from Google is still coming and probably in Android 5.0. What are your thoughts on this? And what needs to be added or changed to make Google Voice Search/Now the real Star Trek Computer/Personal Assistant?