Harbor Heights

Awright96 and I, welmr, have been working on a project for some time. It is called Harbor Heights Studio Apartments.

Harbor Heights isn't just tall, the rooms have a massive amount of floorspace. I have not done any measurements, but I would not be surprised to find out that it was the largest public building in Verge City. I can guarantee you however that a full floor has the most amount of floor space not only among the living spaces in Verge City, but likely the entire world.

When you look at the competition, Harbor Heights offers has cheap prices for great rooms--especially the full floor.

Here are some photos of the building, in case you interested.

We've divided up the rooms into 1/4 of a floor, 1/2 of a floor, and a whole floor. If you purchase a whole floor, you can also add on a deck to your room, no charge. The only restrictions for this is that we ask you to limit the deck to 5 blocks away from the hotel. feel free to make it as wide as you want!


1/4 will cost you a measly 4 diamonds.

1/2 will cost you 6

a whole floor will cost you 8


  • Do NOT change the walls or floor of your room. You can, however, add on a custom floor of your own on top of the current one.
  • If you have any water or lava fountains in you room, please make sure that they are 1 block above the original floor, to prevent leakage.

That's it!

/mail welmr to get your room!