Windows 8, Fastest Selling OS Ever!! It Better!

As a Microsoft Shareholder and Fan, if Windows 8 doesn't move 150 Million Licenses within the first 3 Months, it will be shocking to me and the rest of the tech world (of course not including the haters). There is not a valid reason for anyone to deny what Windows 8 brings to the table.

- Cheap Upgrade Price, $39.99, come on, people upgrade OS X for similar prices and that's not even a major update like this.
- Fastest OS Ever
- Native USB 3.0
- Native ISO Mounting
- Better File Management/Transfer
- IE10
- New Direct X
- Better Multi-Monitor Support

- Metro for those that want to use it. Plus it offers things the old Start Menu never did.

Match your Metro with a Similar Desktop Background and you cant complain. I'll do a different Background since I dont care about the difference.

In the end this will be Microsoft's coming year to lose.

I was somewhat modest in the 150 Million, because it's mega cheap.

Ballmer will dominate like in this video.

How many licenses are you expecting to be sold?