Let's name the next 16 versions of Android


So I was sitting here, talking to our esteemed Senior Video Producer, Mr. Creighton DeSimone Esq. XXIII, and we were trying to decide what the next versions of Android will be called. Obviously, we know through J, but let's go all the way out! (Plus, I bet Google has no idea what they're going to call them all, so we can then take complete credit when we're right.)

Here's how this is going to work. Guess yours below, and if you like an already-guessed option, just click recommend. We'll take all comers, but we want to have one canonical list at the end, at which point we'll just assume this is how it's going to be forever. We basically only got through L before we started disagreeing (Creighton thinks M is marzipan, even though marzipan is gross), so clearly we need your help. So what do you think?

Update: We've added a few in here — awesome suggestions, keep 'em coming! Also, Xantham Gum is definitely not going to be a version of Android. Even though it would probably be the best version of Android.

K — Key Lime Pie

L — Lollipop (Creighton and I agreed on this one, but you're free to tell us otherwise)

M — Marshmallow (via Mattejo)

N — Nougat (via de5gravity)

O —

P —

Q —

R —

S — S'more (via markazali)

T — Tiramisu (via markazali)

U —

V —

W —

X —

Y —

Z — Zeppole (via chrismcc)