The 'Must Play' Games

So, there are plenty of lists that get created by the media for games, top 10's, top 100's and so on. Which is fine, they're enjoyable reads. But I often do find these lists to be particularly useful - if entertaining at times - and of course, they are often very debatable.

Because of this, I'd think that the knowledge and passion available around here can be used to build a better list, a more functional one. A list of not the best games, but the games that are 'Must Plays' for any real gaming enthusiast.

Now, before we start, I'd like folk to try and keep bias and favoritism out of this. And mention games that you believe really need to be experienced because what they offer is unique, or their impact on the development or culture of games is so influential that they need to be played.

As an example, Guardian Heroes is one of my favourite games, I also think it is a very good game too. Original and enjoyable on many levels. But I wouldn't call it a 'Must Play' game.

An example of a 'Must Play' would be World of Warcraft. There is not doubt of the impact that this game has had on the gaming culture and the development landscape. Even for those that don't play MMO's or RPG's should really play it just to see what it really is.

I played it for the first time last year. There's a free trial so it has the lowest bar of entry (it plays on pretty much any PC too). I'm very glad I did play it too. I won't play it ever again, and I only played it for about 5 days, around 20-30 hours or so - which can be claimed as not enough - but I have at least taken a taste. I can see the design structure, the polish, the direction. It was worth it.

So, what other 'Must Play' games are there?