HTC's flagship 2012 phones were delayed from gaining entry into the US last month thanks to US Customs holding shipments while the International Trade Commission investigated whether HTC had violated Apple patents. Luckily for HTC, the ban was lifted after a short time, but Apple countered that HTC's claims of compliance weren't up to snuff and the devices should be banned again. Today, the ITC told Apple no dice, that HTC would be able to continue to send its products into the US and on to store shelves as it looks into Apple claims.

The commission will not direct Customs to detain all subject HTC products because the commission does not have the information necessary to determine whether the respondents are currently violating the commission’s limited exclusion order.

HTC and Apple have been going at it on multiple legal fronts and the number and intensity of those suits seems to have intensified in the past month. This particular battle has been contained to the ITC instead of bleeding onto empty store shelves — for the time being, anyway. Next up, the ITC will actually review HTC's devices in light of previous rulings and decide whether reinstituting the ban is called for.