What's in your bag? is a recurring feature where we ask people to tell us a bit more about their everyday gadgets by opening their bags and hearts to us. Show us your bag in this forum post. This week, we're featuring Kimber Streams.

When looking for a new piece of tech, my ultimate goal is to find something that works and is as future-proof as anything in this realm can possibly be. Sometimes I'm spot on, and sometimes I miss, but no matter what, I stick with it, for better or for worse.

While some of my colleagues have learned the mysterious and secret art of minimalism, you can clearly see that I failed that class. I carry an obscene amount of stuff around with me, and my bag weighs around 20 pounds. My excuse is that I commute about an hour or so into the office and would hate to be caught unprepared, so I choose to suffer the weight of a million things I’d rather have just in case. Oh, and my monster of a computer.