The Case For and Against Instagram

Instagram takes a lot of flak. It's is the only social network to have so many people that love it, and almost as many people that think it's an abomination. Lots of people say that the filters ruin the photos. Honestly, I think they do too.

Instagram is not a basic photo sharing network. Before you criticize it, you have to understand that. It is a photography sharing network. Sadly, most people aren't photographers. They take a blurry, badly lit photo of their cat, put a gaudy filter on it, and label it as art. It wasn't always this way.

Back before Instagram was so wildly popular most people used it to showcase their photography. Note I say people, not photographers. You don't have to be a photographer to take good looking photos. As the user base grew, lots of people that thought they had talent came in and started slapping the default filters on everything. This is why the popular page is so terrible. The cool thing about instagram is, is the photos that talented users post. They're of their everyday life. They post the things they see, and they people they meet with a good perspective. This is where I believe the social network part comes in.

For those people that are always so critical of Instagram's filters, I agree with you 100%, as I'm sure you now know. The Instagram default filters are terrible. To get a good looking photo, you need a good eye, unique perspective, and the right tools for editing. Snapseed is a great photo editor, if any of you are looking.

I'm going to include some good Instagram photos, that I believe are properly done.

This guy is probably my favorite user; @thiswildidea. He travels around America and meets people, sharing his journey via photography. He has a website where he posts the stories of the folks he meets. Here's just one of his photos that I liked recently. Please go and check him out.

I also love @herbertschroer's pictures. Again, just a unique perspective on something millions of people do every day.

Here's a good photo from @chrisconnolly. It is simply the product of good editing and the right perspective. Yet at the same time, just sharing his life.

So as you can see, there is a lot of talent on Instagram. You have to dig through all of the crappy screenshots and One Direction photos to actually find true talent. Instagram is a photo sharing network for people who want to show off their distinctive view of everyday life. It has just been buried under an enormous amount of crap. So before you crtiticize it, please realize that there is a great community and true talent buried under all of the selfies and boy bands. Oh and, @welmr (;