We knew that Adidas's miCoach would be demonstrated in the 2012 Major League Soccer All-Star Game next week, but it turns out MLS has far greater plans for the team-tracking tool. The miCoach Elite System will be fully integrated into the MLS season from 2013, with all players from all 19 teams having a small data cell embedded in the backs of their shirts. This cell is connected to an array of sensors in the player's base layer of clothing, which sends back real-time information such as speed, heart rate, distance, positioning, and power to an iPad on the bench.

Team coaches can use this data to aid in training or help inform tactical decisions, and it could also be integrated into the viewing experience for fans at home or in the stadium. While the system only deals in raw data and won't help with more subjective areas of the game such as technique, MLS says that the integration will lead to the first "smart league" in sports history.

For more on the miCoach Elite System, watch this report from Amy K. Nelson at our sister site SB Nation, who attended Adidas's joint event with MLS in New York City.