Does Mac still need Microsoft Office?

Microsoft recently unveiled their Office 2013 software and conspicuously absent was any mention of next version of Office for Mac. Not so long ago losing Office for Mac, could have been a death blow to OS X, but as things currently stand I don't think it would hurt the Mac very much. And this might actually end up hurting Microsoft more in the long-run and losen the monopoly in the Office productivity software.

Microsoft is the undisputed king, but Apple having Pages, Keynote, and Number will soften the blow of losing office. Even then Mac Office 2011 will continue to be useful and productive for your average user, as most don't need or use the advanced functionalities the newest versions of office. It will be useful at least until, Microsoft breaks backward compatibility and you have all these Office 2015 files that you can't open or edit using Mac Office 2011.

With cloud service such as Google's and the exponential growth of smartphones, more and more we are storing our information in non-MS office format. I think it is a great thing if we get rid of the MS Office standard for productivity software and standardize that software across different OS and software platforms.