My experience with Windows 8 on a netbook

Everyone has been saying how Windows 8 dramatically improves the experience on underpowered hardware. So I decided to upgrade my inspiron mini to Windows 8. And well my experience has not been so good so far. Like Windows 7, Windows 8 runs fine as long as you are not doing a lot of heavy lifting. I have 200GB of data on my netbook and a dozen desktop programs. And the result has been shoddy performance. Where chrome, clementine, calibre used to run just fine on windows 7, chrome can't even open the verge on win 8. Even Picasa 3 stutters when zooming in and out of pictures.

Is this common beahviour on underpowered hardware? Should I have done a clean intall instead of an upgrade? What should I do now? Remove everything and reinstall windows 8 and see how that goes? or swicth back to Win 7?