Why we play, a random set of brainfarts -- PART 1: The Story vs the FPS.

As someone who tends to overthink and overanalyze everything, i've been wondering about my motivation for playing games. The first and best answer out of many is the story. I like stories. I love reading, i've always loved movies and this was the culmination of all of that: A great story that i could play a part in. It's also the reason why i've loved games that were considered crap by most people. The gameplay was horrible, the mechanics complete sludge, but the story was outstanding. Heck, THAT is why i got into Halo! The story and the universe (yeah.. i know.. but it is, what it is -- fyi: i've NEVER played a single MP game of Halo and yet i've played them all).

And the genre that (imo) offers the best perspective for stories is FPS. First. Person. You. In the thick of things, swinging that crowbar, wearing that hazmat suit.

So here's my point: Are we losing great storytelling in FPS games?

The last FPS that wholly and entirely grabbed my imagination (and never let go) was Half Life 2. There've been others, but nothing that felt as compelling. Am i wrong? Am i playing the wrong games?