This is the beginning of our 5 Nexus devices!

The 5 Nexus "devices" have already started appearing right infront of our eyes!

The Nexus 7 (made by Asus) and the Nexus Q (Made by Google themselves) are the the first two of our magic 5 to be released before Thanksgiving. I re-read the article from WSJ and it all fits, Its already started. What the other three devices turn out then? maybe a:

10" tablet (made by Samsung or Sony), comparable specs to the Nexus 7 except for a 1080P screen, $250-$350. is essential to bring Android to the 10" tablet front to compete with the iPad.

4.8" phone (made by Samsung), Comparable specs and size to One X and GS3, hopefully really nice build quality and screen. ($350-400)

4.3" phone (made by HTC, or Motorola) Comparable specs and size to HTC One S, but with a 720P screen ($250-300) Or they keep the Gnex on a reduced price point ($250 unlocked?) but I doubt if this is the case both phones would be made by Samsung.

As with the specs I believe they wont be mind-blowing, but comparable to the current run of high end products, so Google can keep the price down like they did for the Nexus 7 and still sell them for great prices through the Play store to disrupt the market as much as they can away from the carriers hands all the while while increasing their market share.

Just my thoughts, what do you guys think? Let me know in the comments.
Its an exciting time to be a Google fan!