Let's Play Way of the Samurai 3!


Hello, friends!

If you don't follow me on Twitter, you may not have heard about my recent side project. I'm doing a new series of video Let's Plays with my buddy Anthony Carboni (from over at Revision 3 Games).

We're calling the project Here's a Dumb Game, because we're specifically focusing on that special type of bizarre but charming game that he and I really enjoy. You can subscribe to our YouTube channel here and watch our video introducing the concept and coming up with a name here.

So! For our first game, we're tackling Way of the Samurai 3! Some of you may recall that I saw Way of the Samurai 4 at E3, and was totally enthralled with it. Such a weird game! Having only heard of the series in passing before and never played any, I figured it might be worth spending some time with 2008's Way of the Samurai 3 before WotS4 hits PSN later this year.

Anthony and I will be posting new videos in the series every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I'll update this thread when they go up. I'd love to hear feedback and thoughts as we go, and if anyone else wants to join in checking out Way of the Samurai 3, feel free!

Episode One: Moderate Blade

In our first 15 minutes with Way of the Samurai 3, we check out the various pre-game and character creation options, jump into the story, and immediately get dragged off track by an ill-conceived button press.

Episode Two: Nasty Old Underpants

Our freshly-equipped stick sees its first action, and we receive our first sidequest, but it's...not exactly what we had in mind.

Episode Three: KolKol's Delivery Service

Let the sidequests continue! On this episode we take on another shockingly mundane task, explore the countryside, and discuss the meaning of castles and the right way to filet a fish.

Episode Four: Rerollin', rollin', rollin'

IT ALL CHANGES HERE! In Episode Four, we hit a major, game-changing event, and THINGS WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN! Or, well, not exactly, but something pretty insane and/or depressing does happen!

Bonus Video!: What Do Birds Dream?

Every Monday, we release a bonus video where we answer a dumb question asked by our audience. This week: What do birds dream?