Office 2013 slowdowns and problems

Anyone experiencing lag in opening and closing word or powerpoint files? I'm not sure about excel files.. but this seems to happen to files that are stored on skydrive. Office 2013 always chooses to open up online copies even when they are marked as up-to-date in the skydrive folder.

I suspect that there's some conflicting background processes between the windows skydrive app and office 2013's built in skydrive feature. The office apps freeze up when I open, save or close a file. Even windows explorer locks up when I view word or powerpoint through the preview pane. To make matters worse, just viewing these files within windows explorer sometimes causes these files to be recreated, like as though the lag isn't bad enough! What exactly is happening the background? Does it go through the processes of opening, saving and closing for every file that I choose to preview through explorer or open through word or powerpoint?

Even skydrive reports problems with my documents from time to time. Do you guys face these issues too? Any clue on what I'm talking about?

Onenote and outlook work fine though:)