Microsoft has shone more light on how third-party developers will monetize their Windows 8 apps through the Windows Store. Paid apps will start from $1.49 and can be priced up to a maximum of $999.99. Although Free apps will of course be available, Microsoft's refusal to allow the $0.99 is in stark contrast to Apple's Mac App Store policy. Redmond will take a 30 percent cut of the app's selling price at first, but will be flexible: apps that reach a total of $25,000 in sales and in-app purchases will see that cut reduced to 20 percent.

Microsoft's cut will range from 20 to 30 percent

The company wants to encourage developers to pursue a range of monetization options including seven-day trials for paid apps, freemium apps, and in-app advertising using Microsoft's SDK. None of the options will be mandatory. Another thing it won't force developers to do is live entirely within the Microsoft ecosystem: apps can utilize their own billing systems and whichever ad provider they want (provided they meets Microsoft's technical requirements). Developers will be free to continue offering their desktop apps through external channels, but Metro apps must be certified by Microsoft and distributed through the Windows Store.