Why does everyone say iOS is fast?

First off, don't assume from that title that I'm a troll or anything like that. I'm most certainly not.

Anyway, I've been wondering. Why do people say iOS is really fast, slick, and bug free? I have a one year old iPad 2, and it is slow, it isn't slick, and it has many bugs. I often hear tech reviewers saying "My iPad 2 still hasn't slowed down one bit," yet mine has. A LOT. Well, when I purchased my iPad, and I got iOS 4.3 on it, it was wonderful. However, iOS 5 comes along, and all of a sudden, my iPad starts to get slower. Home screen button delays, weird glitches where the animation when sliding between home screens doesn't happen, slow closing of tabs in Safari, the music app basically grinding to a halt... What's going on?

Well, as it was a major update, and it had only just been released, I gave it some slack - although I was disappointed, due to the fact it had been through many beta versions. But then, when iOS 5.1 finally came out - with the long delay in my mind meaning that they would have fixed all the bugs on my iPad - my iPad reacted the same way. The Mail app still freezes, multitouch gestures were often unresponsive, home screen button delays, weird glitches, icons disappearing then quickly reappearing after the home button has been pressed, slowing closing of tabs in Safari, wifi signal dying whilst using FaceTime (literally every time), music app grinding to a halt... The list goes on. Oh, and why do I only have album artwork for a few albums, despite most being purchased on iTunes? Is it because I have iTunes match?

iOS 5.1.1. Surely, Apple must have fixed my problems! Err... No. No fixes whatsoever.

So, please can someone explain what's been going on with my iPad ever since October? Is it iTunes match? Is it the fact that I don't always have at least 1GB of free space? Or have I simply got a cursed iPad? I actually feel that it may be the latter - my iPad has picked up what look like burn marks from my Smart Cover, which do not come off. They're tiny little rings of some black substance... My iPad also has a small chip in the aluminium body near the glass on the front, which has been there since I unboxed it. I didn't send it back though, because I thought that it would be good if I ever needed to identify my iPad somehow, and because I just wanted to get to using it. It also has a light scratch on the back for some reason, which appeared somehow despite being treated with utmost care - the back was never placed on a surface without the smart cover protecting the back, or something else until then.

Finally, some details about my iPad. iPad 2, 32GB, wifi, white (not that that should make a difference). Not jailbroken. When updating to iOS 5, I had to do many restores of my iPad, because my computer would only recognise my iPad in recovery mode for some odd reason (Dell Inspiron 17R, latest version of iTunes). Purchased about one year ago in the UK, still in the UK (as that's where I live). Sending diagnostics and usage to Apple. About 6.2GB free currently. Mostly photos and apps (2361 photos, 59 apps), due to my brother also using my iPad for editing photos. Location services always on. That's it really.

I hope you can help me. I once posted a similar length post on Apple's support forums to receive no replies, so it's probably the length that puts people of. Hopefully I haven't put you all off.