My affair with Android...and why it must end...

Hello again Verge community!

About 3 weeks ago I posted in this forum asking for opinions on why I should switch to Android. I got a few replies, but they were enough for me to try making the switch. I went and purchased a Galaxy S III, and have been using it for almost the same length of time. That time is coming to an end in then next few days.

To be fair, I have loved everything about the Galaxy S III over the past few weeks. Widgets, quick settings, the camera, Android 4.0, LTE, a 5" screen, keyboards. Everything has been fantastic, but I have concerns.

Apps: The number of amazing apps I have found has been lackluster. Google Reader is alright for RSS, but it is no Reeder. BeyondPod is no Instacast. Boid/Tweetlanes are no Tweetbot. The list goes on. I just cannot seem to find good replacements for these.

Android: Owning the Galaxy S III makes me weary of getting future updates over the next 2 years. Yes, I could just buy the Galaxy Nexus and not have to worry about this. Doing this though, would be a step down from the GS III. Everything I have read about the Nexus seems to make it sound inferior to the GS III.

iPhone 5?: I am slightly interested in what Apple may offer this fall. It doesn't look like much of an upgrade, but my curiosity is getting the best of me. I don't want to be let down like with iOS 6 though.

Future Nexus: It's almost a given that Google will release a new Nexus this year. Typically AT&T doesn't stock the Nexus, which makes me nervous of this. At the same time, I do like having the most up to date OS and hardware. Right now, I just feel like I would be making the wrong decision to invest in a Nexus with an inferior camera and screen.

I picked up my iPhone 4 this morning the set it up to make the switch back. It feels and looks like a toy now. The keyboard is much inferior to SwiftKey, which is a huge improvement when installed. The screen looks tiny, and it just feels outdated. Maybe I'm crazy to give up the GS III. Maybe I should stick with it. I'm really unsure on this. There isn't really anyone to talk to about this, my friends and family trust me for this kind of information since they are not tech savvy.

That is why I turn to you, Verge community. Is sticking with the GS III a good or bad idea? Should I return it and wait out for the iPhone 5 / new Nexus? What am I missing in terms of replacement apps? What am I missing that is better?