Non-PC Gamers: What's Your PC Setup Like?


I've been working on this theory, right?

It basically goes something along the lines of: people who don't like playing PC games don't have large monitors (as of writing, everyone I know who doesn't like PC gaming but has specs I know has a monitor 19" or smaller and an integrated GPU) or great graphics cards, and as such, they have little compulsion to have a go at PC gaming. The major exception, of course, are people who own Macs, which often have large monitors and beefy GPUs for video editing purposes.

I'm curious to see whether that's really the case. PC gaming is best done with a large monitor that takes up the entirety of your focus. It has a similar effect on the human eye as an IMAX screen, where much of the gamer's FOV is taken up by the visuals, even the peripheral vision, which creates a more immersive experience.

I've heard the "well, I don't like M&K" argument before (but I use my controller for many of my PC games, like Arkham City or Renegade Ops), and I've heard the "meh, I prefer to sit on my couch" argument (though usually from people who are sitting at their desks on their computers and spend most of their time on said computers). I've never heard the "I've never actually had a giant monitor or a graphics card to run it, so I've never experienced just how much more involving PC gaming can be," mostly because if you haven't experienced it, you wouldn't <i>know</i> that you're missing out.

Also, funfax: the people I know who prefer Minecraft/MMOs/etc also have smaller monitors, generally.

So, yes.

What's your PC setup like? Big monitor with a nice GPU to run it? Headphones or speakers? I'm really curious.

Also, anyone interested in picking up John Carmack's VR goggles with the Doom 3 thing?