My See-Through iMac

The other day I pulled out my old Sony Digital HandyCam and turned on the Nightshot feature with allowed me to see in dark areas. I looked around my bedroom and when i looked at my 21" iMac, I notice something strange with the apple logo below the screen. I pulled the video camera in closer and saw that in a small oval shaped window, I could see some type of computer hardware. I do not have a SonyStick so I was not able to get the best of photos but I whipped out my trusty iPhone 4S and snapped the best ones I could.

The Verge, unfortunately, is not letting me post pictures of this event at this moment but when I am able to post a picture, I will update the post immediately.

I believe what I am seeing is RAM but I am not 100% sure. If anyone knows exactly what it is I am describing, please let me know. Another question I have is why is it there? Why would the computer be made so we can see just this small amount of hardware? Please let me know.