Galaxy Nexus vs. HTC One X ($64 difference)


I'm coming from an iPhone 4S and interested in both these devices. I can get the One X for $64 more than the Galaxy Nexus in my country. And mu question is, is it worth it? and which is the better phone?

$64 isn't much, but I'm asking this because I'm very concerned about HTC's Sense usability, and also upgradability. Jelly Bean is already out for Galaxy Nexus, and it's supposedly a lot smoother than ICS, and smoothness is an extremely important thing to me. And my other problem is that Google will most likely continue to support Galaxy Nexus for a couple more years, whereas HTC's support is kind of a gamble with a lot of wait. Is it as bad as I think? and is still worth it to get the One X?

Oh and I don't care about graphics and such, all I care about is performance and smoothness in the overall system, browsing, and few apps such as NYT and WSJ..

Any advice would be great!