Vizio makes laptops? Yes, it does. This year, the TV company revealed a grand plan to shake up the Windows PC industry by creating its own computers. It began with a mysterious Super Bowl ad, but it wasn't long before the world got a glimpse of Vizio's first machines: an iconic series of three slim silver notebooks and two all-in-one PCs. Well-known for producing decent televisions at fantastic bargains, Vizio was expected to keep up that bang-for-the-buck trend in the laptop realm, and the company's price points seem to agree. Today, we're reviewing Vizio's top-of-the-line ultrabook, a 15.6-inch aluminum computer with a 1.9GHz Core i7 ULV processor, 256GB of solid state storage and a crisp 1080p screen... for a mere $1,249 MSRP.

What no one expected was Vizio's promise not to cut corners on quality. When we visited the all-American electronics company's headquarters last month, CTO Matt McRae explained: "We basically built a $2,000 PC for half the price — that's how we approached it. We didn't skimp on a single thing." There's no bloatware on these Vizio computers, no tacky stickers to remove, and most surprisingly of all, the company promised us that the trackpad — a pain point for Windows machines — would be nearly perfect when the laptops arrived at retail.

That balance of high quality and low price is a tall order for any laptop vendor, much less a company designing its very first PCs. Did Vizio pull it off? Let's find out.